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RideShield for RideShare

RideShare Shields for the car

Elaine Sharp


Chicago, Illinois


  • Can I customize my shield?
    Yes! Absolutely! We purposefully designed the shield to be customized or ready to use. We have had clients create "windows" for tips to "holes" to allow charging cords. If you can dream it, you probably can do it. Creativity is your only limitation.:-)
  • Why did you chosse the material you used?
    After exhaustive research, we opted for a special type of vinly that is double polished for clarity and can hold up the extreme cold of a Chicago winter and the high temps of the interior of a car in summer.
  • When I got my shield and unwrapped it there are "wrinkles". "
    Don't worry! This is completely normal. Think about when a store buys a box of shirts. They often become wrinkled in the packaging and shipping process. But, the wrinkles will come out. One trick we found is to use a hair dryer. Turn on the hair dryer and gently warm the shield by going back and forth on the shield about 10-12 inches from the shield. Magic! Wrinkles will disappear!
  • Can I trim my shield?
    Yes, absolutely! This shield is designed to be customized or used out of the box! We usuallly recommend using a sharpie marker first to draw out the area to cut and an exacto knife or if you are trying to "cut through" the material. The material is very thick. Watch out when doing this so you do not "punch a hole in your car's upholstery or yourself.
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