Max RideShield  4 Door Sedan
  • Max RideShield 4 Door Sedan

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    Max RideShield - Frame to Frame, Ceiling to Base of Seat Coverage.  

    Interior Car Barrier, Spit Guard, Car Partition-

    The Max RideShield v2.2 gives maximum frame to frame and ceiling to base of seat coverage.  It essentially creates two separate chambers in the car completely separating passenges from the driver.  No other product compares to the complete coverage.


    It conforms to any ceiling and gives you the most coverage out there.  Period.

    • Frame to Frame Coverage approximately 56 inches in width and approximately 39  in height-no other product out there does this.
    • Ceiling to approximately base of seats
    • Conforms to Ceiling giving you the best protection
    • Easy and Quick Install
    • Extra Extended Side Coverage - Covers from frame to edge of seat- no other product out there does this.
    • Allows for driver's seat to be pushed back (uneven seats)  and still have coverage.
    • Extra Clear- Made of FLEXA Marine double polished vinyl for extra clarity
    • Thick, Tough, and Super Durable- must use exacto knife to cut
    • Heat and Cold Resistant
    • Protects your seats from damage from clients in the back seat (and Saturday night party people)
    • Have vents in back seat?  No problem!  Can be easily customized for vents!
    • Protects back of seats from damage clients 
    • Fits any 4 door sedan
    • Fully customizable to your needs.
    • If you have "vents" in back seat, not a problem.  This product can be customized to fit any vent.
    • Helps promote safety from passengers and establishes a clear barrier they can't get through.
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      We ship in the continental US. Prices vary depending on where you are located.  Generally, we ship out packages in 1-3 business days.   Please contact us if you want international shipping.